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Jenni Wood

Madison County Market Stats

"How's the market?" Ultimately, it varies by location and price point. Click the image for a bird's eye view of market activity in Madison County!

Feb '23 Sales Prices

A glimpse of the Median Sales Price year over is the first piece of the picture when evaluating our market. Keep in mind, an annual appreciation of about 3%-5% is considered healthy...and we kinda went a little bananas in '21 and '22

Feb 23 Pending Sales

Pending Home Sales is another metric we can use to view consumer confidence in the market. Did they spike? Did they plummet? Or are they holding stable? - This can help us forecast what may happen to home prices (based on current trends).

Months Supply, otherwise known as "Absorption Rate" is the tell all be all of where we stand right this minute. This metric estimates how many months supply of inventory we have (the rate at which the market "absorbs" houses). Typically:

  • 0-4 month absorption rate is considered a seller's market.
  • 4.5-6.5 month supply is considered a balanced market.
  • 7+ month supply is considered a buyer's market.

So while things seem VERY different from the past two years...over all they're not too shabby.

Feb 23 Absorption Rates